Free Site Survey

The Free Site Survey is designed to establish what potential customers would like. From here we will collect information on the property/room/area where the stove or fire is to be installed, ask for the age of the build, what updates have been made for energy efficiency & airtightness to the property, if any, which could affect the heat loss of the room and available ventilation, advising and making sure the stove installation complies with Building Control regulation Document J please click here to read

We use the U-Value Method to calculate the the size of the appliance needed

  1. The Free Site Survey establishes the heat loss of the area/room to determine the KW output required to heat the room/area.
  2. Being SAP assessors  our formula is very accurate taking into account the ‘U’ Values  of the room/area at No: 3 below
  3. The age of the build, any upgrades regarding energy efficiency, all external walls, heat loss perimeter, floors, ceiling, and air tightness of the build, glazing, ventilation systems if applicable and any existing heating plus heating controls.

Why do we do we offer a Free Site Survey?  Most customers are surprised how small an amount of heat in KW will be required to heat the room at 21ºC with a – 1ºC outside which means the stove size will be a lot smaller in Kw heat output  saving potential money on the appliance cost and fuel.

Depending on the existing flue, if one exists or if a flue needs to be created/built we will need access to the roof via the loft access hatch, please make sure a loft ladder is available or in place to determine the pitch of the roof.

Building works may be required to make the stove and flue fit. Please click here to visit the installation costs page, plus all of your queries & questions can be answered

An estimate or quote is then sent and if accepted we can start the process:  Booking in the job, organising any building works, hearth or flue design if required for the stove position, delivery materials etc.