Gas Stoves & Fires

Gas Stoves & Fires. You can choose from Traditional or contemporary looking Gas Stoves & Fires. No need to have the burden of wood with gas as no logs to store and with the flames so realistic you will forget you are not looking at a real log fire. All products are Gastec approved and CE certified.

Why gas? Because the marketplace for fuel used in the UK for gas is approximately 92% and the other 8% approximately is made up from solid fuel, oil, electric, propane, renewables and whatever else there is left.

Gas Stoves & Fires are classified as being balanced flued or open flued. Open flues take the oxygen from the room for combustion where the appliance is installed, it is therefore NOT possible to install open gas flued appliances in homes with a mechanical ventilation system with or without heat recovery. Open flued appliances must always be connected to a chimney with the flue termination above the ridge of the roof.

A balanced flue appliance is a sealed system and can be installed in practically every situation and does not need to be installed on an outside wall, assuming what is above the ceiling there is access to route the flue to the roof. Many balanced flue Gas Stoves & Fires replicate a solid fuel stove, you could even store some logs at the side for aesthetic purposes as it would be difficult to distinguish between solid fuel and gas. The flue duct can be installed horizontally which cannot be done with a solid fuel flue. Balanced flue systems are perfect for low energy airtight houses.

All gas fires from WANDERS are supplied with a remote control enabling you to adjust the heat output, most have a timer with a thermostat and electric ignition. The appliances are fully programmable and by using the thermostat function it will even respond to ambient-temperature changes in the room/area automatically which means the fire/stove will automatically adjust the temperature up or down to suit. All gas appliances run on natural gas or propane.

The DANTA and KOTO gas fires which are supplied with standard remote control can be expanded/upgraded for further control possibilities as an option. Eco-wave enables you to combine more realistic flames with lower gas consumption. Eco-wave can be controlled with the special remote control or you can download the APP to your tablet or smartphone allowing you to adjust all the settings to suit your own requirements, simply play around with the settings. The DANTA fire is available in four widths and has many permutations for the desired look and finish.

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