Airtight Stoves

Because Building Control is moving towards more energy efficient buildings [low energy] the air test for domestic properties came into force in spring 2006 and by, supposedly 2022 [the government keeps moving the goal posts on this] all new builds are supposed to be almost airtight? with very little heat loss, self-builders are already building to these regs known as low energy or passive houses [other names are used to describe these low energy buildings].

If a stove is to be fitted into these buildings they need to be airtight which means the air for combustion is taken directly from outside via a duct, the stove then can rely solely on an external independent air source to provide all necessary combustion air similar to a balanced flue [sealed system] It also means when the air test is performed the stove being airtight is not going to affect the test outcome, bear in mind though that the boxing in around the flue also has to be airtight. Ventilation and the type of ventilation systems have to be taken into consideration with these types of properties if a stove is to be fitted. Please refer to the importance of protecting yourself from Carbon Monoxide Click here to read

The paperwork that a Hetas registered installer has to complete if installing one of these stoves because of the air vent direct is a lot more involved. Building Control in this country has not yet caught up for these types of installs. This raises a question, would an airtight stove in a low energy airtight highly insulated building, be necessary? Contact us for a more definitive answer.

Some stoves are not classed as airtight but as long as the manufacturer states that the appliance can be directly connected to the outside for air then you may want to consider this option assuming the room where the stove is located requires an air vent, please contact us for more details.

Please be advised not all of these stoves are for airtight properties as some have an ‘External Air Supply’ but might not be suitable for an ‘Airtight Property’. Some are woodburners which can have a ‘Balanced Flue’, options include a built-in-fan so ducted air can be distributed to other parts of the property. All of our Airtight Stoves will be either Dibt or RLU certified. We have shown all products in these categories. Please ask for further details.

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