Range cookers for the home and the professional, the only practical wood burning range, efficient and economical. Fuelled by Wood/Pellets that is cheap, clean plentiful and kind to the environment. Fully automatic and programmable which means they light themselves with a pellet module added, download the app and programme from your phone as well. The appliance doesn’t need to be on all of the time, you choose, quick to respond when needed, feeling lazy then just run on pellets, still creating a cosy warmth to the kitchen. The appliance will still heat the hot water and a couple of radiators if wanted. Designed for the domestic and commercial marketplace.

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Euroheat brochure:

Hwam Cooker stove: pages 58 to 59

Lohberger Cook/Bake Me stoves: pages 74 to 75 

Lohberger Cookers: pages 78 to 88

Lohberger Commercial Cookers: pages 90 to 91