Inserts as the title name suggests are types of stoves that are fitted/inserted into an opening hole in the wall, the opening hole size has to be created by building methods to the size as specified by the stove manufacturers. Some Inserts are designed to fit into a standard British fireplace opening or the opening hole has to be created. Inserts can be installed to a height that is aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable for the user to access for refuelling. Most Inserts don’t have an ash pan so you would have to use the old fashioned method of an ash pan and brush to remove the ash, but they look amazing. Probably building work will be required to create the hole to the correct dimensions for the stove to fit. If you wanted to create a wall as a room divider with an Insert stove/fire fitted the effect can be stunning, you could have one side of the Insert the kitchen area and the other side the dining area. The flue can be hidden or partly on show as a feature and with no protrusions in to the room/area. Designers of open plan areas are using these types of insert stoves and fires to divide the day to day living spaces into areas that the customer requires.

Images show woodburners and Pellet Stoves

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