Like Woodburners but as the name suggests they burn both wood and mineral fuels, the major difference is they have a riddling grate designed for mineral fuels to burn on. The different characteristics of the fuels means wood burns from the top down for combustion and mineral fuels from below upwards with an escape route to collect ash in the pan below, however modern Contemporary Stoves designed to burn wood also have a riddling grate to remove ash into the pan, please don’t get confused as modern woodburners also have a riddling grate. Air is controlled manually the same as a manually controlled wood burner. Modern Contemporary Stoves now have automatic control, some are even fully programmable, some are even self igniting. Because of emissions and the way stoves are tested it may be that a multi-fuel stove could disappear in the future as some manufactures could struggle to meet the stringent targets for emissions, however before that happens, currently some Multifuel stoves have the ability to burn overnight. You need to make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions if this is something you want your stove to achieve, please be aware of the Dangers of Slumbering, to find out more please visit the Hetas page and click on the Dangers of Slumbering.

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