If you want a stove that is totally programmable that you can set when to come on and off at times when you want, at different times of each day, setting the temperature for the room even from your smartphone is how a Pellet Stove can be controlled. When the room reaches the temperature you have set, the stove will ramp down, in other words the stoves output will decrease using less fuel because the stoves thermal properties will allow the temperature to be maintained in the room. When the room temperature drops the stove will automatically sense this and fire the burn rate up again for the stove to achieve the rooms set temperature and will keep up this cycle saving fuel and money without any heat loss. The stove has an internal fuel storage hopper which when full and depending on how many hours the stove is on for means you may not have to refuel for a number of days, unlike a woodburner which needs refuelling approximately every 45 to 120 minutes which solves the problem of fuel storage especially if you live in say an apartment. A pellet stove could be the ideal stove for you.

As the emissions in the UK become more stringent for all sorts of products, cars, houses etc so will certain other items, one being solid fuel stoves. The main advantage of pellet stoves over their Woodburner & Multifuel stoves is their emissions. Some models from manufactures are more than 90% efficient. They have been in use for many years in Europe but have been slow to catch on in the UK. Pellets stoves have also many more advantages as some pellet stoves can be ducted with warm air to other rooms/parts of the house. At some point in the future probably 5 years time in the year 2022 when emissions for new builds are to be almost zero, supposedly, Pellet Stoves will probably be the norm for a solid fuel stove ‘fuel’ and will probably overtake Woodburners in sales and Installations. We will see what happens nearer the time.

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