Modern woodburners are highly efficient whether traditional or contemporary in style designed to burn wood derived fuel. You will need the appliance, low moisture content logs, air for combustion and a flue. Seasoned wood burns far hotter and much cleaner than unseasoned wood. Most modern woodburners will have 2 or 3 air controls, primary, secondary, tertiary, some have supplementary air.

Woodburners are designed to burn on a bed of ash. A special characteristic of ash is its heat conservation property, the ash layer at the bottom of the stove forms a heating surface, transferring heat to the final burnout of the char. For woodburners using a grate, the ash content is important in order to protect the grate against heat from the flames. Some have air wash and clean burn.

Some are DEFRA approved for using in smoke controlled areas. Each stove will have its own quirks for controlling the heat output, some will be manual and the newest ones coming to market are fully automatic and programmable, so it is necessary to learn each new stoves settings, part of the fun in owning a wood burner. All solid fuel Installations have to comply with ‘Building Control Document J’ click here to download

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