Where to start

Where to start, all stoves installed in the UK have to be approved, all of our stoves supplied and installed at Contemporary Stoves comply with the necessary approvals, so you can be assured that by choosing one of our products you have peace of mind.

Questions to ask yourself before booking a Free Survey when choosing a stove or fire:

  1. Think about and establish your budget
  2. Do you have a flue and a hearth?
  3. What do you want the stove for, secondary heating only?
  4. A thermal storage stove
  5. Free-standing, stand alone or built in
  6. Do you want to heat your conservatory?
  7. Primary heating including hot water
  8. Do you want, continuous use, designed to burn 24/7?

Define your budget with the following:

a. Is manual/basic control important. [Lower cost option]

b. Simple autopilot control. [Medium cost option]

c. Fully automatic with smartphone control where the stove takes care of itself. [Higher cost option]

d. Electronic stove control with programmable timed ignition. [Higher cost option]

The style is not the compromise only the level of automation:

  1. Do you have the space for any logs or fuel storage 
  2. Choose your stove to be a work of art or a focal point
  3. Do you want a stove to rotate/spin on its axis
  4. Do you live in a smokeless zone, click here for more information
  5. Traditional looking or a Contemporary stove
  6. A cooker or garden fire
  7. What about stove fuel, Logs, Gas, Mineral fuels, Pellets, Biomass, Bioethanol, Electric

Perhaps the Special Offer Stove will fit your criteria

The above information is simply a Where to start guide so you can narrow down your options whilst looking at our stove products and services we have to offer.

You can choose from multi-fuel stoves, woodburners, gas stoves and gas fires, pellet stoves, solid fuel or inserts, electric and bioethanol fires a garden fire or even a cooker

Where to start means when you have an idea of what you want simply book a FREE site survey this is designed to establish what has to be done to make the stove/fire fit, perhaps no building work will be needed. We offer advice as there can be many permutations. Visit one of the showrooms 

Our job above everything else is to make sure what you choose is safe and complies with building regulations