Self-install Managed Service

Contemporary Stoves Self-install Managed Service. After the free site survey and you decide this is the route for you please read the following:

  1. Who is this Self-Install Managed service designed for?
  2. Perfect for the advanced DIY self-installer, competent persons and /or trade
  3. Why? Opportunity with instruction/site visits reduces the cost of labour
  4. Offer includes a pre-installation survey/consultation, commissioning of appliance and final sign-off service, Contemporary Stoves Hetas/building control approval
  5. All of the necessary information and guidance that complies with Building Control [B/C] is provided
  6. We manage the install at all critical points to make sure everything complies with Hetas & B/C
  7. To do this we have to comply with the T & Cs as laid down by Hetas in the CPS competent persons scheme
  8. Click here To view the CPS scheme T & Cs especially pages: 2, 3, 4, 5
  9. We have to satisfy ourselves and Hetas that the install which is managed by us complies with the Hetas CPS T&Cs and B/C regulations 4 & 7 Click here to view 
  10. This service does not involve B/C. Being members of the Hetas CPS we can self-certify and sign off the install
  11. You are free to purchase your own appliance and materials as per quoted for
  12. The Self-install Managed Service is purely a managed Service and excludes materials, building work and labour of any kind for the installation
  13. Written Instructions if required are provided and can be read in our absence, a telephone call service is also included
  14. You can purchase all of the materials from Contemporary Stoves including the stove
  15. you will know what to buy because we give you the information
  16. Hearth type, stove size in KW output, flue design, ventilation, combustible clearances etc are provided
  17. We can recommend builders and associated trades if needed
  18. This offer assumes that relevant installation procedures are followed and used and requirements under B/C document J are met and adhered too. The pre-installation survey aims to verify this ensuring a safe efficient and legal installation, in most cases the Contemporary Stoves fixed price will be sufficient
  19. We always aim to ensure that our prices are reasonable and fair. Should any additional work be required we will provide a detailed estimate outlining the reason[s] for any itemised pricing covering further materials or work/labour necessary to comply with B/C document J click here & B/C regulations 4 and 7 on pages 7 &9 click here to read both so as to make sure the installation complies before commissioning the appliance and signing off, we wont sign off until everything complies
  20. Contemporary Stoves are a Hetas registered installer ID: 22240 Company reg No: 6650 we ensure the safety, technical standards and compliance with B/C regulations of all work carried out
  21. We make the application via Hetas online, who will issue the certificate of compliance and contact B/C on your behalf 

Cost for this service is only £475 including commissioning. Normal stand alone charge for just commissioning is £300

Why do we offer a Self-installed Managed Service?

Building control condemn a very high percentage of solid fuel appliance installations by self-installers because they have not been trained and not aware of the legalities, this then becomes very costly. We are aware of insurance companies NOT paying out on incorrect installations if problems occur later on, such as a house fire. With our help and guidance we make sure this does not happen.

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